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Recruitment / Guild Information & Rules
Last post by Stiekel - June 06, 2018, 09:53:41 PM


1. Contact us
2. Guild structure
3. PvP rules
4. Membership
5. Trial Period

1. Contact us:

The Elysium Leaders and Officers are in charge of leading the guild and doing guild administration. If you want to join us or want some information you can contact us by:


  • DM Stiekel

Mortal Online 2 forums:

2. Guild structure:

Here is our guild structure with the ranks and the group it belongs to:

  • Leader - Officers
  • Officer - Officers
  • Elder Member - Members
  • Member - Members
  • Initiate - Trial Members
  • Recruit - Trial Members

3. PvP rules:

We have some rules regarding PvP:

  • We are RPK so you can kill randoms anywhere anytime in the world. Enemies are always kill ofc.
  • If you kill an untagged player and it turned out to be a friendly then he is out of luck. It is his problem that he did not turn his tag on or even not being guilded. You are not obligated to return his items. You are also not obligated to check things out before attacking someone that has no tag. This also works the other way around.

4. Membership:

Here is our information and rules short written:

  • We live in the Tindrem area.
  • We are here to play a game and have fun. We are NOT here to deal with babysitting, policing, mental issues, drama queens, negativity and other garbage.
  • Socializing with the guild and its members is very important.
  • We are PvP orientated and we are a RPK (Random Player Killing) guild.
  • Besides being a PvP guild we are also a PvE guild that like to do group PvE like dungeons.
  • We accept new players of the game into the guild.
  • We do not trash talk outside the guild.
  • We do not trade gank/scam where we are involved as a trader.
  • Members must install and actively use Discord + have headset with a build in microphone. You must be on Discord when you play the game. We do not allow standalone microphone + speakers due to the bad feedback we (the other players) receive.
  • We do not have an age requirement. Instead we look at the maturity of the member. We will see if you fit in or not.
  • Members must be team player minded.
  • Members must be willing to contribute towards the guild.
  • Members must be willing to listen, learn and to improve. Be team player minded.
  • Members must be willing to follow orders as well as be willing to train and to improve.
  • Members must be self reliant over time. As in bring carcass, material, gold or some other type of contribution for gear. We are not a charity foundation.
  • Be battle ready in our area with a well supplied bank with gear etc.
  • Members can only be a member of this guild and cannot be a member of another Mortal Online 2 guild. Being in a sub guild of Elysium is fine.
  • Above all we want loyal members, in good times and in bad times!

5. Trial Period

We will be honest with you, we do not want nor do we accept dead weight. We want dedicated and contributing members that are able to take care of themselves, both financially and in combat. During the trial period there are some goals that needs to be met.

The Recruit Phase - Two weeks

The following goals are required in the Recruit Phase to be successfully promoted to Initiate:

  • Once you are invited to the guild show up on Discord.
  • Be active in-game.
  • Socializing with the guild and its members.
  • Be on Discord when you are playing.
  • Show that you are helpful towards the guild and the members.

The Initiate Phase - One month

The following goals are required in the Initiation Phase to be successfully promoted to Member:

  • All of the above including the following.
  • Willing to create and/or reroll to a PvP character - and take advice how to build it regarding race, stats, clade gifts and action skills.
  • Showing that you are capable to finance yourself.
  • Showing that you be capable of equipping yourself - either by crafting yourself or handing materials/gold to the guild crafters.
  • Showing good contributions to the guild.
  • Having a combat ready character in our area at all times.
  • Be active in PvP and group PvE.

At any given time in the Recruit Phase or in the Initiation Phase you can be kicked, if Elder Members and/or Officers of Elysium find you lacking in the requirements. Again, we do not want leechers nor dead weight.